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The Paranormal Tourists


This is a Podcast troupe who head off to explore the paranormal world, specialising in visiting places that anyone can go to, day or night, and most importantly inexpensively.


Fed up with constantly being asked to pay out hundred of pound to visit a house in the middle of nowhere in the cold and dark, they decided to see how many places they could visit that were haunted for free, or no more than the normal entry fee. This led to the birth of the Paranormal Tourist podcast, available from many podcast places, but also from their YOUTUBE channel

Episode 1 -

The Science Snake V's The Angry Moobeasts

Episode 2 -

The Ghost |Gimp V's The Cursed Mummy


Episode 3 -

Ian the Demon V's the Cushion of Death

Episode 4 -

The Burning Bishops v's the Insurance Claim

Episode 6 -

The Hamster Eating Bear V's Dani's Naked Mother



This is a group of investigators who belong to the Cheltenham based PARASoc group. This group was formed so that they could investigate some more commercial properties, such as hotels, hostels, and places that charged an entry fee. This is because they firmly believe that when money is involved in investigations it is open to fraud.


Ross Andrews the PARASoc chairman formed the group when he and Paul Tudor (PARASoc) decided to run an event at a haunted castle (St.Briavel's castle) in the Forest of Dean. He invited the help of the regular members of the group and they have been running events eversince. This allows them to explore the more bizarre side of investigating using medium, spirit artists, Ouijaboards etc.