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NEMARKET FESTIVAL of FEAR 2019 OCT 25th - 31st


Welcome to this year's PARANORMAL FESTIVAL

We are based in Newmarket again this year as last year had some amazing spooky activity, including poltergeists, apparitions, and basically a lot of frightful fun.

We have added another venue to this year's ghost hunts as well as the Theatre, and given two levels of ghost hunting a deep investigation with fewer participants with the renowned parapsychologist C.J.Romer, as well as our usual ghost hunts in the Theatre.

As some of you know last year also had Phil Wyman from MOST HAUNTED filming his new internet series 'Are You Haunted' and they had a fantastic night which can be watched here...

For those of you looking for the recordings of the Paranormal Tourist podcast,

for Series one go to their Youtube channel